Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Veronica congrats.

Veronica congrats on your sacrament of marriage.
We had a wonderful time. Thanks to you and JD for everything.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope you are getting ready for this weekend. I know I'll see you and tell you this in person but


Love you all.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Don;t forget our shopping trip is on Saturday, November 6th. I kind of reminded Mom on the phone and she didn't seem too interested.
Are ya'll still game?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

oh jebus

now that his sister is pregnat he has became baby crazy, like web md-ing everything asking q's wanting to "talk about it" ah! lol i have to keep reminding him its not all fun and cute  when the baby is actually here and wont go away.....ever lol
just wanted to share what ive been hearing for that past weeks lol!
its sweet and all and since my career goals have been switching up (like they always do) {Social work doing therapy in organizations} the having a baby is on the table. BUT it will so not be anytime soon. we decided we want to enjoy our marriage. i want to get my masters even though i am so afraid of it lol maybe have found where we want to live for the next 10+ years. we have to make sure ill be okay and all because i don't want to end up with all these medical problems etc.
so yea just wanted to share :)
oh yea and btw were looking at 5+ years hahahaha
his mom has been asking up (bitch) and his sister has made it very clear she doesn't want us to steel her baby's thunder (bitchier) and for once im willing to grant her what she wants lol!
so now he can get his hands on experience and see for himself :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scout Spirit

Boy Scout -
Last night in the Court of Honor, my son moved up in rank to Tenderfoot (only one from his patrol). He hopes to be 2nd class pretty soon.

He was also recognized with the Scout Spirit neckerchief. The Scout Spirit neckerchief is different colors than the regular troop. The neckerchief is passed on from scout to scout. The adults leaders do not have a say of who gets it. It's from one deserving scout to another.

Scout Spirit: The most important requirement for advancement is the display of Scout Spirit. A Scout shows Scout Spirit when he:
is cooperative with fellow Scouts and Adult Leaders.
has a friendly, positive attitude.
does his share of the duties cheerfully.
helps younger, less experienced Scouts
takes an active role in all Troop activities.
shows leadership.
demonstrates by his example that he is trying his best to live by the Scout Law and Scout Oath.

He was not expecting it. He assumed the older scout was going to choose someone in his own patrol. He also thought that no NEW scout can have that achievement.

Needless to say he is very happy.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shopping Road Trip!!!!!

Okay, so the day for our San Marcos Shopping Road Trip is on Saturday, November 6th!!! Woo-hoo!!!
Mayra said that date would hopefully be cooler weather AND we can all go in her van!

So save your pennies! It is so going ot be on!
Here is a link to the store directory http://www.primeoutlets.com/locations/san-marcos/store-directory.aspx

Lauren and her new Venture

So, Lauren has been waiting to be sixteen to do 2 things. Work and Drive. Well, her Dad was not okay with her working. So, she was really upset with him yesterday when he told her that. So, I told her that she needs to be creative on how to make money that doesn't take time away from her Dad and doesn't have specific hours.

She had her Math Tutoring session yesterday, and while she was there, I went to Barnes and Noble and got her two books. One is Moonlighting on the Internet - It is a book about ways to earn money on the internet. And she loved it.

She liked 2 of the ideas and is working on them. 1st idea was Ebay. She began going through her things that she doesn't use and is placing for sale on Ebay. So far, she has got a Coach purse and a James Avery pendant. She said she wants to go to Thrift Stores and see what name brand stuff she can find to sell on Ebay. She set-up a Pay Pal account and everything.

Second one is Blogging - She wants to create a book review blog. She said she loves books and has read so many she can actually divide her book reviews by age range. She read in that book that Amazon and other websites has a deal if you let them place their advertisements on your blog and people click on their ad from your blog the blogger earns a commission. She hopes to have multiple advertisers pertaining to books and hopefully she will be good at reiews and might make it big as a book reviewer - even if its just local. As long as she earns money. She is currently brainstorming on a name for her blog. So far, she has lhlbooks (lauren loves hates books), smellmybook, aboutabook, bookmediator, etc....So if you have any ideas - let her know.

The other book I got her is The Teenage Investor : How to Start Early, Invest Often and Build Wealth. This book is written by a 13 year old boy who made money off his first stock at the age of 8. He explains the different stocks, accounts, etc. I think Lauren has decided on a Money Market to place her money in for now. She is still reading that book and loves it - she has dollar signs in her eyes. $$

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Austin Recap! & My BDay gift!

So I did put the pics on FB but thought I would recap a bit more:

To start off I was mad at Saul when we left...turns out homeboy lost his wedding ring (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
Friday when he picked me up from work he had to do something with the truck so "he took it off and put it in his pocket" and we left to the Comedy place then Saturday in the morning he left to work so I didn't even pay attention till like 2 mins before we were supposed to leave to Austin. oh yes I was MAD! He looked for it for a good hour going up and down. So its gone and I know this was mean but I didn't wear my ring either nor have I yet. He wasn't too happy but knew he couldn't say anything he said if he doesn't find it by Friday hell get himself a new one. "Hmf!"

So annnnyywaaayyyyyy when we got to Austin I was just super happy to see my friend lol we were both tired so we hung out and Saul fell in love with playing poker. lol I told him he should try playing Josue

So this was at Barsana Dham which I probably won't tell mom I loved lol
Its a Hindu Temple in freakin Texas! Whaaa? Well I loved it! It was so peaceful! It had a waterfall and hiking trail (which i so didn't do lol) it also had like a place for ceremonies and we went inside the temple which you had to take off your shoes in and it was so pretty! I wanna go back again :)
These are our friends Kenely (Ken) and Andrea. Andrea used to work at the museum and now she lives in Austin!
This was a view shot at the restaurant Oasis on lake Travis it was beautiful! the line was long but it was so cool! we got to sit about 30 mins before sun set...and i actually saw the sun set! i don't think Ive ever seen it like that and when it was gone everybody clapped! lol
This is me at Krause Springs. The Krause family owns it and its natural spring water so its effin cold!!! and natural so there's rocks and stuff lol i just hung out by the side more lol

Annnnndddd Last night when I was going to go to bed there was a printer box on the bed..i was like oookay so saul said to open it and my bday present was in there! lol he told me he hid them in the house and i actually tried to look one day and well now i know why lol
My earrings! :) I pointed them out ONCE and he remembered! Yessss!!!!

That's all for now ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

GRE, Comedy Show Case & Austin!

Just a little Ketchup today.

I signed up to take the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) courses :( The course is for one month at Kaplan which is literally located on the street behind my job! Its sort of like an SAT Prep course for the exam. In order to apply to graduate school to get my masters degree I HAVE TO take this test. And I have major uber duper test anxiety especially standardized tests sooo I figured this was good. It is expensive but I'm hoping to take the exam only once and get a good grade! You can take it as many times as you want, but each exam costs $$ and the University will look at how many and your grades etc. So that is where I will be Starting September 7th Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 8 pm :(

I wish Baby would go with us to the Comedy Show case but Im sure youll have oodles of fun in Arkansas!!! :)
Vero & Mayra (+possible guest) The show starts at 8pm BUT since it is almost sold out (with people who actually bought tickets lol) She said we have to be there by 7ish to get seats. They have appetizers and stuff and its a 2 drink minimum. Vero be ready for the Moran bus to pick you up! Mayra don't be too late!!!!

And finally, Saul doesn't have to work Sunday & Monday of Labor Day weekend neither do I (yay!) so were going to Austin!!! Yay! Neither one of us have ever gone so were super excited and plus we have a mutual friend who has a place there with her boy toy so she offered for us to stay in her extra bedroom and they are going to like take us out to explore. she said "pack your swim suits and tennis shoes" lol! shes kinda a flower child so it will probably some vegan eating, poetry readings, hiking and lake diving :) Its just 2 days really so I hope its fun!

Love you sisters!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Garage Sale @ Mayra's - Sept 18th

So, I know Mayra doesn't ever post anything. But just wanted to let you know that she will be having her garage sale on Saturday, September 18th. It will be a Fundraiser for her new Kitchen. She wants new dishes, kitchen accesories, etc...
I will not be able to help, because I already promised Diana I would help her with Austin's Birthday Party that day from 9:30am-11:30a...at Chuck E. Cheese...Pizza waaay too early. She had origianlly planned for it in the morning of the 11th, but with Lauren's party that day and me not being able to help her, she decided to reschedule it.
But, I do have alot to donate. So far, I have a bunch of clothes, shoes, and my orginal Coach purse and wrislet and some silver jewelry. I will look in my attic and garage and see what else I can donate. Lauren donated soem stuff too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Ride

This is Saul's new truck! He has been wanting to get a newer truck since the Explorer had quiet a few things that were not doing to well. He took it to get his regular inspection thingie and it needed repairs and tune up that equaled over $900 :( he also mentioned he already put in over 2 Gs in the car for maintenance and stuff...its old lol So he talked to daddy about trading it in and dad was all for it. So Saul's friend is friends with a car dealer in middle of nowhere texas and was able to get him a good deal on a car.
Its a like charcoal color. 2005. Chevy Trailblazer. It was pretty cheap, very clean and very affordable monthly payments. Saul is eager to show dad lol its kind of cute we might go over to the parentals on Thursday :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

STM Youth Ministry

STM Youth Ministry Kick-Off Party is Sunday, September 26th @ 3pm. It is open to Junior High and High School students.
Lauren and I are part of the Volunteer Youth Ministry for Junior High. The activities are Sundays from 3pm-4:30pm with hopes that the kids will go to the 5pm Youth Mass, afterwards :). The agenda goes as follows: Chit-chat, socialize, snacks with contemporary christian music in the background for the first 20 minutes, proclaim what subject we are discussing (speakers, videos, community building activities, etc) for 20 minutes, discuss what you learned or ask any questions within groups for 30 minutes, prayer and finish snacking and socializing for 25 minutes. And hopefully, everyone heads over to Youth Mass at 5pm.
The Youth Mass has contemporary music, with guitars, drums, bass, and teen singers. The teens do the 1st and 2nd readings, along with the collections and gift offerings. Lauren did the 1st reading and gift offerings this past Sunday with her friend, Carolyn, as Dylan looked on lovingly. LOL!
Anywho, I thought Josue, Erik & Elissa might like to take part. The High School & Junior High Youth Programs go on at the same time, just different locations at STM.
I am currently helping to plan our 1st Junior High Program for October 3rd. It is about "Catholic Faith". I am working on a community building activity, in hopes that the kids don't think it is a lame activity. LOL! This is when I could use Elissa & Josue's help for Junior High coolness or lameness factors. LOL!

Here is the website they are working on http://stmyouth.org/
Ya'll should have the kiddos at least try it out. :) Lauren went in kicking and screaming 2-1/2 yrs ago- now she loves it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

HISD starts tomorrow!

HISD starts school tomorrow. Summer went by to freakin fast. Erik will be a Junior, Lauren a s Sophomore, and Elissa in 7th Grade, Josue 5th grade, and Alexis 3rd grade?. What is happening to us, getting old....getting old...

Oh! BTW I talked to my Madrina on Friday and she might be coming for Lauren's Confirmation & Sweet 16!!!! Oh! And she said that her and my Padrino went to Marin to spend a couple of days there to chill and that the Mexican Army is at the entrance checking all who go in Marin!!! Crazy! God Help Us!

Friday, August 20, 2010

San Marcos Outlet Road Trip!

I am wanting to go to San Marcos Outlet sometime in late October or early November. I would like to leave around 6:30am and come back that same night. I am not sure which weekend, yet. Because I will be in school in Saturday class. So, I will need to look at my syllabus to see if its a weekend I can miss. Who's in? Mom said she is going, and of course, my girl. I have comfortable room for 1 more in my car, or a little squeezed for 2 more. Or maybe we can take 2 vehicles. Que piensan?

Dontcha Wanna Dontacha Wanna

So I have these things and was wondering if anybody wanted them?
I got the Nivea thingie at CVS like 2 months ago and totally spaced about it. pshh it was on sale for like 5 dollas Never been used.


This I got at Marshalls forever ago for my new place but i dont have a lamp lol they all smell really pretty! I would hate for it to go to waste :( It's from the Body shop and has a bunch of little smelly oil thingies that you put in that white thingie and you put it on your lap and makes your room smell nice


I also WON 10 tickets to the Comedy Show Case on Fuqua! woo hoo!! I went like a month ago with the Morans and signed up to win and I did YAY!!! Their website is HERE and I get to pick whichever weekend I want! They only have their calendar till August and I don't really like the guy they have "whore guy?" eww so hopefully they will have their September schedule up soon. Anywhoo does anybody wanna go? It's a 2 drink minimum. 

Love ya!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Antonio!

This is so funny Vero was mad about going and Im pretty excited to go hahahah Looks like me and the Mr. will be going..plan is to leave September 23rd and come back on the 27th just in time for his class at 4pm lol

I havent gone since Mom & Dad took us and Saul has never gone so yay!
I wanna go to Fiesta Texas for sure, not really Sea World but I'm not sure what else to do.
Any good hotels? I saw a few that go along the river walk yippie!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby - kids
My kids started school today. We got there early. We'll see how long this lasts :)
They will be in school until noon, today & tomorrow.
Wednesday will be there 1st full day.

Take Care.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby - Kids

This is my kids last weekend before school. J - 6 grade; A - 3 grade
We still need to go to the art museum, go to spanish restaurant, zoo, blue bell ice cream place, space center Houston, state capitol, etc. etc... I guess we won't be finishing all the requirements for their upcoming year.
We had meet the teacher last night. It went well. We'll see how the year goes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Shriners finally reinstated their Tuition Reimbursement program, so I took advantage of it as soon as they told me. I took my 3rd Pre-Business elective this summer, Microsoft Office 2007. I enjoyed it and it was online. I took my final exam last Saturday, and today I received my course grade. I earned a 98!!!. I was so excited!! I plan on continuing in the fall, but I will enroll in the late start classes, which begin Sept 28th. I figured I will be too busy with Lauren's Confirmation and Sweet 16 Party. Her confirmation will be Friday, Sept. 10th (sorry, Vany) at 7pm at St. Thomas More - Cardinal DeNardo will be doing the mass. And her party is on Sept 11th, 7pm-11pm at Rockefeller Hall. She will be taking her Sweet 16 portraits this Tuesday. I will have her 2 year old Portrait and her current Portrait framed and on easels at the party entrance. I plan on making the invites this weekend - so if you have nothing to do this weekend - come cut & paste with me ;). Love you! Thanks for this Vanessa - you rock Lil Sis!

Doctor Visit

So I went to the Doctor on Monday, which you all know about but I figured I would be more specific.
So since like April-ish my feet have been hurting pretty bad, like not my heel more like my bones. I FINALLY went to see what's up and of course its no bueno.

The Dr diagnosed me with Still's Disease click HERE for more info. It's just an add on to arthritis which SUCKS!! So I got some Naproxen (again) meds which I have to take twice a day and another pill that is like Prevacid but its not that I take once before a meal because Naproxen will hurt my stomach..... crazy

So all he said was to keep moving. The pill does not stop anything from occurring, but it does help the pain go away which I noticed right away! So if there's no pain there is a better chance of me being able to moderately exercise and take walks, job and stuff which he suggested not running anytime soon cuz the pavement- foot contact might hurt my knees yada yada so I shouldn't gain weight, but cant loose too much because then the dosage might be too much and it will hurt my stomach. I said eff you Dr man!

So that's what I've been trying to do lately, (like 3 days lol) Stretch in the morning and sit ups the "picking cherries" Mrs. Jackson taught us lol. Eat right. Walks in the afternoon.

Any suggestions are always welcomed!
This is Sam after a walk last night lol he was pooped!

Love ya,


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