Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Ride

This is Saul's new truck! He has been wanting to get a newer truck since the Explorer had quiet a few things that were not doing to well. He took it to get his regular inspection thingie and it needed repairs and tune up that equaled over $900 :( he also mentioned he already put in over 2 Gs in the car for maintenance and stuff...its old lol So he talked to daddy about trading it in and dad was all for it. So Saul's friend is friends with a car dealer in middle of nowhere texas and was able to get him a good deal on a car.
Its a like charcoal color. 2005. Chevy Trailblazer. It was pretty cheap, very clean and very affordable monthly payments. Saul is eager to show dad lol its kind of cute we might go over to the parentals on Thursday :)


  1. fiu, fiu!!! I see that Lois the Corpse Flower was good to ya'll!!! Yay!
    I am glad ya'll were able to get a new(er) vehicle. It feels good, to be able to drive off a lot with a car. Congrats to you and Saul! Now, he needs to get a passport so ya'll can drive it to Mexico. ;)