Friday, August 20, 2010

San Marcos Outlet Road Trip!

I am wanting to go to San Marcos Outlet sometime in late October or early November. I would like to leave around 6:30am and come back that same night. I am not sure which weekend, yet. Because I will be in school in Saturday class. So, I will need to look at my syllabus to see if its a weekend I can miss. Who's in? Mom said she is going, and of course, my girl. I have comfortable room for 1 more in my car, or a little squeezed for 2 more. Or maybe we can take 2 vehicles. Que piensan?


  1. you know Im down! :) Ill sleep in the back of car if more people wanna go :)

  2. I'll love to go, it only depends of when.
    I'll be willing to drive.