Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby - Kids

This is my kids last weekend before school. J - 6 grade; A - 3 grade
We still need to go to the art museum, go to spanish restaurant, zoo, blue bell ice cream place, space center Houston, state capitol, etc. etc... I guess we won't be finishing all the requirements for their upcoming year.
We had meet the teacher last night. It went well. We'll see how the year goes.


  1. WOW! so much to do!! mm ice cream,are these things you guys had to do?

  2. It can all be done, if you take the week off.and follow a strict schedule. I had to get a planner this summer. And so far, everything is on schedule ;)

  3. Yes, we had to do these things and a lot more.
    The kids start this Monday, Aug. 16th.