Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doctor Visit

So I went to the Doctor on Monday, which you all know about but I figured I would be more specific.
So since like April-ish my feet have been hurting pretty bad, like not my heel more like my bones. I FINALLY went to see what's up and of course its no bueno.

The Dr diagnosed me with Still's Disease click HERE for more info. It's just an add on to arthritis which SUCKS!! So I got some Naproxen (again) meds which I have to take twice a day and another pill that is like Prevacid but its not that I take once before a meal because Naproxen will hurt my stomach..... crazy

So all he said was to keep moving. The pill does not stop anything from occurring, but it does help the pain go away which I noticed right away! So if there's no pain there is a better chance of me being able to moderately exercise and take walks, job and stuff which he suggested not running anytime soon cuz the pavement- foot contact might hurt my knees yada yada so I shouldn't gain weight, but cant loose too much because then the dosage might be too much and it will hurt my stomach. I said eff you Dr man!

So that's what I've been trying to do lately, (like 3 days lol) Stretch in the morning and sit ups the "picking cherries" Mrs. Jackson taught us lol. Eat right. Walks in the afternoon.

Any suggestions are always welcomed!
This is Sam after a walk last night lol he was pooped!

Love ya,


  1. I suggest an elliptical glider. You get the movements and your exercise, however, you will not get the impact of hitting ground, therefore, not hurting your knees or your heels. You can research here