Sunday, August 22, 2010

HISD starts tomorrow!

HISD starts school tomorrow. Summer went by to freakin fast. Erik will be a Junior, Lauren a s Sophomore, and Elissa in 7th Grade, Josue 5th grade, and Alexis 3rd grade?. What is happening to us, getting old....getting old...

Oh! BTW I talked to my Madrina on Friday and she might be coming for Lauren's Confirmation & Sweet 16!!!! Oh! And she said that her and my Padrino went to Marin to spend a couple of days there to chill and that the Mexican Army is at the entrance checking all who go in Marin!!! Crazy! God Help Us!


  1. Yes, the summer flew by. A minor correction on the kids grades, Josue' has started 6th grade.

  2. *cries* i dont like them getting old :( i want them to be itty bitty babies forever!