Monday, August 23, 2010

STM Youth Ministry

STM Youth Ministry Kick-Off Party is Sunday, September 26th @ 3pm. It is open to Junior High and High School students.
Lauren and I are part of the Volunteer Youth Ministry for Junior High. The activities are Sundays from 3pm-4:30pm with hopes that the kids will go to the 5pm Youth Mass, afterwards :). The agenda goes as follows: Chit-chat, socialize, snacks with contemporary christian music in the background for the first 20 minutes, proclaim what subject we are discussing (speakers, videos, community building activities, etc) for 20 minutes, discuss what you learned or ask any questions within groups for 30 minutes, prayer and finish snacking and socializing for 25 minutes. And hopefully, everyone heads over to Youth Mass at 5pm.
The Youth Mass has contemporary music, with guitars, drums, bass, and teen singers. The teens do the 1st and 2nd readings, along with the collections and gift offerings. Lauren did the 1st reading and gift offerings this past Sunday with her friend, Carolyn, as Dylan looked on lovingly. LOL!
Anywho, I thought Josue, Erik & Elissa might like to take part. The High School & Junior High Youth Programs go on at the same time, just different locations at STM.
I am currently helping to plan our 1st Junior High Program for October 3rd. It is about "Catholic Faith". I am working on a community building activity, in hopes that the kids don't think it is a lame activity. LOL! This is when I could use Elissa & Josue's help for Junior High coolness or lameness factors. LOL!

Here is the website they are working on
Ya'll should have the kiddos at least try it out. :) Lauren went in kicking and screaming 2-1/2 yrs ago- now she loves it.

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