Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Ride

This is Saul's new truck! He has been wanting to get a newer truck since the Explorer had quiet a few things that were not doing to well. He took it to get his regular inspection thingie and it needed repairs and tune up that equaled over $900 :( he also mentioned he already put in over 2 Gs in the car for maintenance and stuff...its old lol So he talked to daddy about trading it in and dad was all for it. So Saul's friend is friends with a car dealer in middle of nowhere texas and was able to get him a good deal on a car.
Its a like charcoal color. 2005. Chevy Trailblazer. It was pretty cheap, very clean and very affordable monthly payments. Saul is eager to show dad lol its kind of cute we might go over to the parentals on Thursday :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

STM Youth Ministry

STM Youth Ministry Kick-Off Party is Sunday, September 26th @ 3pm. It is open to Junior High and High School students.
Lauren and I are part of the Volunteer Youth Ministry for Junior High. The activities are Sundays from 3pm-4:30pm with hopes that the kids will go to the 5pm Youth Mass, afterwards :). The agenda goes as follows: Chit-chat, socialize, snacks with contemporary christian music in the background for the first 20 minutes, proclaim what subject we are discussing (speakers, videos, community building activities, etc) for 20 minutes, discuss what you learned or ask any questions within groups for 30 minutes, prayer and finish snacking and socializing for 25 minutes. And hopefully, everyone heads over to Youth Mass at 5pm.
The Youth Mass has contemporary music, with guitars, drums, bass, and teen singers. The teens do the 1st and 2nd readings, along with the collections and gift offerings. Lauren did the 1st reading and gift offerings this past Sunday with her friend, Carolyn, as Dylan looked on lovingly. LOL!
Anywho, I thought Josue, Erik & Elissa might like to take part. The High School & Junior High Youth Programs go on at the same time, just different locations at STM.
I am currently helping to plan our 1st Junior High Program for October 3rd. It is about "Catholic Faith". I am working on a community building activity, in hopes that the kids don't think it is a lame activity. LOL! This is when I could use Elissa & Josue's help for Junior High coolness or lameness factors. LOL!

Here is the website they are working on
Ya'll should have the kiddos at least try it out. :) Lauren went in kicking and screaming 2-1/2 yrs ago- now she loves it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

HISD starts tomorrow!

HISD starts school tomorrow. Summer went by to freakin fast. Erik will be a Junior, Lauren a s Sophomore, and Elissa in 7th Grade, Josue 5th grade, and Alexis 3rd grade?. What is happening to us, getting old....getting old...

Oh! BTW I talked to my Madrina on Friday and she might be coming for Lauren's Confirmation & Sweet 16!!!! Oh! And she said that her and my Padrino went to Marin to spend a couple of days there to chill and that the Mexican Army is at the entrance checking all who go in Marin!!! Crazy! God Help Us!

Friday, August 20, 2010

San Marcos Outlet Road Trip!

I am wanting to go to San Marcos Outlet sometime in late October or early November. I would like to leave around 6:30am and come back that same night. I am not sure which weekend, yet. Because I will be in school in Saturday class. So, I will need to look at my syllabus to see if its a weekend I can miss. Who's in? Mom said she is going, and of course, my girl. I have comfortable room for 1 more in my car, or a little squeezed for 2 more. Or maybe we can take 2 vehicles. Que piensan?

Dontcha Wanna Dontacha Wanna

So I have these things and was wondering if anybody wanted them?
I got the Nivea thingie at CVS like 2 months ago and totally spaced about it. pshh it was on sale for like 5 dollas Never been used.


This I got at Marshalls forever ago for my new place but i dont have a lamp lol they all smell really pretty! I would hate for it to go to waste :( It's from the Body shop and has a bunch of little smelly oil thingies that you put in that white thingie and you put it on your lap and makes your room smell nice


I also WON 10 tickets to the Comedy Show Case on Fuqua! woo hoo!! I went like a month ago with the Morans and signed up to win and I did YAY!!! Their website is HERE and I get to pick whichever weekend I want! They only have their calendar till August and I don't really like the guy they have "whore guy?" eww so hopefully they will have their September schedule up soon. Anywhoo does anybody wanna go? It's a 2 drink minimum. 

Love ya!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Antonio!

This is so funny Vero was mad about going and Im pretty excited to go hahahah Looks like me and the Mr. will be going..plan is to leave September 23rd and come back on the 27th just in time for his class at 4pm lol

I havent gone since Mom & Dad took us and Saul has never gone so yay!
I wanna go to Fiesta Texas for sure, not really Sea World but I'm not sure what else to do.
Any good hotels? I saw a few that go along the river walk yippie!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby - kids
My kids started school today. We got there early. We'll see how long this lasts :)
They will be in school until noon, today & tomorrow.
Wednesday will be there 1st full day.

Take Care.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby - Kids

This is my kids last weekend before school. J - 6 grade; A - 3 grade
We still need to go to the art museum, go to spanish restaurant, zoo, blue bell ice cream place, space center Houston, state capitol, etc. etc... I guess we won't be finishing all the requirements for their upcoming year.
We had meet the teacher last night. It went well. We'll see how the year goes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Shriners finally reinstated their Tuition Reimbursement program, so I took advantage of it as soon as they told me. I took my 3rd Pre-Business elective this summer, Microsoft Office 2007. I enjoyed it and it was online. I took my final exam last Saturday, and today I received my course grade. I earned a 98!!!. I was so excited!! I plan on continuing in the fall, but I will enroll in the late start classes, which begin Sept 28th. I figured I will be too busy with Lauren's Confirmation and Sweet 16 Party. Her confirmation will be Friday, Sept. 10th (sorry, Vany) at 7pm at St. Thomas More - Cardinal DeNardo will be doing the mass. And her party is on Sept 11th, 7pm-11pm at Rockefeller Hall. She will be taking her Sweet 16 portraits this Tuesday. I will have her 2 year old Portrait and her current Portrait framed and on easels at the party entrance. I plan on making the invites this weekend - so if you have nothing to do this weekend - come cut & paste with me ;). Love you! Thanks for this Vanessa - you rock Lil Sis!

Doctor Visit

So I went to the Doctor on Monday, which you all know about but I figured I would be more specific.
So since like April-ish my feet have been hurting pretty bad, like not my heel more like my bones. I FINALLY went to see what's up and of course its no bueno.

The Dr diagnosed me with Still's Disease click HERE for more info. It's just an add on to arthritis which SUCKS!! So I got some Naproxen (again) meds which I have to take twice a day and another pill that is like Prevacid but its not that I take once before a meal because Naproxen will hurt my stomach..... crazy

So all he said was to keep moving. The pill does not stop anything from occurring, but it does help the pain go away which I noticed right away! So if there's no pain there is a better chance of me being able to moderately exercise and take walks, job and stuff which he suggested not running anytime soon cuz the pavement- foot contact might hurt my knees yada yada so I shouldn't gain weight, but cant loose too much because then the dosage might be too much and it will hurt my stomach. I said eff you Dr man!

So that's what I've been trying to do lately, (like 3 days lol) Stretch in the morning and sit ups the "picking cherries" Mrs. Jackson taught us lol. Eat right. Walks in the afternoon.

Any suggestions are always welcomed!
This is Sam after a walk last night lol he was pooped!

Love ya,


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