Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Garage Sale @ Mayra's - Sept 18th

So, I know Mayra doesn't ever post anything. But just wanted to let you know that she will be having her garage sale on Saturday, September 18th. It will be a Fundraiser for her new Kitchen. She wants new dishes, kitchen accesories, etc...
I will not be able to help, because I already promised Diana I would help her with Austin's Birthday Party that day from Chuck E. Cheese...Pizza waaay too early. She had origianlly planned for it in the morning of the 11th, but with Lauren's party that day and me not being able to help her, she decided to reschedule it.
But, I do have alot to donate. So far, I have a bunch of clothes, shoes, and my orginal Coach purse and wrislet and some silver jewelry. I will look in my attic and garage and see what else I can donate. Lauren donated soem stuff too.

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  1. I signed up to take a GRE pre test thing that day :/ but i do have clothes to donate! Ill see if i canm get out of it