Friday, September 17, 2010

Lauren and her new Venture

So, Lauren has been waiting to be sixteen to do 2 things. Work and Drive. Well, her Dad was not okay with her working. So, she was really upset with him yesterday when he told her that. So, I told her that she needs to be creative on how to make money that doesn't take time away from her Dad and doesn't have specific hours.

She had her Math Tutoring session yesterday, and while she was there, I went to Barnes and Noble and got her two books. One is Moonlighting on the Internet - It is a book about ways to earn money on the internet. And she loved it.

She liked 2 of the ideas and is working on them. 1st idea was Ebay. She began going through her things that she doesn't use and is placing for sale on Ebay. So far, she has got a Coach purse and a James Avery pendant. She said she wants to go to Thrift Stores and see what name brand stuff she can find to sell on Ebay. She set-up a Pay Pal account and everything.

Second one is Blogging - She wants to create a book review blog. She said she loves books and has read so many she can actually divide her book reviews by age range. She read in that book that Amazon and other websites has a deal if you let them place their advertisements on your blog and people click on their ad from your blog the blogger earns a commission. She hopes to have multiple advertisers pertaining to books and hopefully she will be good at reiews and might make it big as a book reviewer - even if its just local. As long as she earns money. She is currently brainstorming on a name for her blog. So far, she has lhlbooks (lauren loves hates books), smellmybook, aboutabook, bookmediator, etc....So if you have any ideas - let her know.

The other book I got her is The Teenage Investor : How to Start Early, Invest Often and Build Wealth. This book is written by a 13 year old boy who made money off his first stock at the age of 8. He explains the different stocks, accounts, etc. I think Lauren has decided on a Money Market to place her money in for now. She is still reading that book and loves it - she has dollar signs in her eyes. $$


  1. okay lemme say the blogging thing. google bought my blog but i chose to keep the "blogspot" to make it seem more down to earth. its going to take her a while it took me a year for me to get contacted by google. and the clicking on advertisement isnt that much mula i get like $50 a month give or take off of that although you do get to choose. its a good idea though but it wont be easy. she needs to study other successful and not successful book blogs then try and get them to pimp her out (it helps! i got pimped out after 2 months and my numbers went up big time) the name needs to simple and easy to remember and she needs to be verestile. like w makeup i do high end and low end so she needs classics newbies etc. just a thought. and PS what james avery neckalce is she selling?! tia could help her hahaha but ebay can get annoying with the shipping and the osome people not paying you situations. fyi :)

  2. I will pass on your advise. She will appreciate it. She is selling the James Avery Hammered Cross Pendant.

  3. Wow, Vanessa. I didn't know you knew so much....

  4. I might have to read "Teenage Investor" to brush up my skills :)
    My excuse will be - It's for Josue'