Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scout Spirit

Boy Scout -
Last night in the Court of Honor, my son moved up in rank to Tenderfoot (only one from his patrol). He hopes to be 2nd class pretty soon.

He was also recognized with the Scout Spirit neckerchief. The Scout Spirit neckerchief is different colors than the regular troop. The neckerchief is passed on from scout to scout. The adults leaders do not have a say of who gets it. It's from one deserving scout to another.

Scout Spirit: The most important requirement for advancement is the display of Scout Spirit. A Scout shows Scout Spirit when he:
is cooperative with fellow Scouts and Adult Leaders.
has a friendly, positive attitude.
does his share of the duties cheerfully.
helps younger, less experienced Scouts
takes an active role in all Troop activities.
shows leadership.
demonstrates by his example that he is trying his best to live by the Scout Law and Scout Oath.

He was not expecting it. He assumed the older scout was going to choose someone in his own patrol. He also thought that no NEW scout can have that achievement.

Needless to say he is very happy.

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