Friday, October 1, 2010

oh jebus

now that his sister is pregnat he has became baby crazy, like web md-ing everything asking q's wanting to "talk about it" ah! lol i have to keep reminding him its not all fun and cute  when the baby is actually here and wont go away.....ever lol
just wanted to share what ive been hearing for that past weeks lol!
its sweet and all and since my career goals have been switching up (like they always do) {Social work doing therapy in organizations} the having a baby is on the table. BUT it will so not be anytime soon. we decided we want to enjoy our marriage. i want to get my masters even though i am so afraid of it lol maybe have found where we want to live for the next 10+ years. we have to make sure ill be okay and all because i don't want to end up with all these medical problems etc.
so yea just wanted to share :)
oh yea and btw were looking at 5+ years hahahaha
his mom has been asking up (bitch) and his sister has made it very clear she doesn't want us to steel her baby's thunder (bitchier) and for once im willing to grant her what she wants lol!
so now he can get his hands on experience and see for himself :)

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  1. He or both of you can babysit as much as he wants.