Thursday, February 17, 2011


On Valentine's Day we signed the contract for our box apartment hehe I'm really excited!
Im sad because theres less room and Im scared itll get too crowded or something...but to be honest I always thought we would be at a place like when Saul and I started talking about moving in and marriage I knew we wouldnt be able to get a house and I thought we would be somewhere like this, and before he got Betty I was a little against it. I knew apartments would allow dogs like Sam & Betty but Saul is hardheaded and since he was still holding a grudge with me saying "I can't live with you unless we're married" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy
So I always pictured us being in a little ugly/cute place like this lol and I do feel like we're going backwards but I know its for the best. We will be saving some cash and its super close to work! lol
We've been talking alot about school so saul is (finally) going to take up more classes, i signed up (finally) for the GRE in april and will start working on my application for UH Central and Clearlake for masters (even though i want central) in clinical social work so i can be a therapist....or something lol
And just wanted throw this back in there-were back to the "no kids ever" lol :)
Move in day is the 25th!

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